Our Story

Yeraimy Peña , CEO & Founder

I started  Glimdor with a dream of creating innovative products. products that will provide you with significant benefits. I started focusing more on the benefits that an effective combination of ingredients can provide to your skin, while also increasing sustainability.

I started experimenting with myself about the quality of many products that we buy in the market. And after searching online for so much information and testing so many products, I realized that most products only offer a benefit in their packaging, leading you to believe that this is how it will be.

I've always been fascinated by the world of beauty and cosmetic products, since I was a child. But, as I grew older, I was recognizing my own tastes and categorizing high-quality products in a world saturated with brands.

One night, while scrolling through Instagram stories, I was heartbroken to see how the beauty industry fails to show some essential parts of every product we use, that's why I decided to create my own brand, and my own rules. At Glimdor, you will only find products made from ethically sourced ingredients, allowing you to achieve the best results possible, while taking care of our planet. 

As a woman and the founder of this brand, I perform to break the standards! 
This is just the beginning. We will never stop learning, and I will always be that girl with a dream. Thanks to YOU my dream has become true, I am forever grateful.

Xo, Yeraimy peña